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How to order your custom writing with us

The fact that all your papers will be 100% custom written from scratch, hence the benefit that you are entitled to upon choosing our custom writing service. Once you trust us, we guarantee you your paper will be written by professional writers and from scratch who are very dedicated in their work to provide you with professional custom paper. If you doubt the authenticity of your academic paper, we will definitely provide you with a free plagiarism report.

The process

Step One:
Please complete our order form by providing your personal details like you email, name, contact phone (in case of any urgency, we contact you). Pay close attention as you fill the order form to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary delays. Be accurate and precise when filling the paper requirements. There is an option of uploading of extra files that are relevant. To eliminate and avoid time wastage, we encourage our clients to provide necessary information and accurate details.

Step Two:
Once done entering correct information in the order form for your customized academic essay and paying for it, we assign the best writer who is qualified in your field of specialization. It is mandatory for all our writers to provide us with copies of Doctorate and Master Degree certificates in their area of specialization. We communicate directly with our essay writers informing them about your essay. We never fail to upload your essay within your deadline because we have seasoned essay writers.

Step Three:
We closely monitor the writers on the progress and update him/her on any clarification you may need from him/her. All our essay writers are available 24/7 and therefore, we contact them anytime of the day. We call our essay writers immediately in case of urgency matters regarding the custom paper and resolve the issues immediately.

Step Four:
Once our competent custom essay writers sends us your paper, we give it to the editors in our company who confirms the paper is perfectly done as per your requirements and formatting. We check for plagiarism and ensure that the paper you get is 100% original.

Step Five:
Once our editors satisfy that your custom paper is well written, we hence forward it to you, way before the deadline to ensure that you review it on time. In case you realize that you need some areas fixed, send us revision instructions and from there, we forward to the same writer immediately.


Step six:
After uploading your perfectly done custom paper, we wait for your feedback and consequent orders from you since we believe a 100% satisfaction by our custom writing service.